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''I do''
Full package
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''The Wedding coach''
Coaching sessions

The most precious element of life is time. Time for yourself, your family, friends, hobbies and dreams.

Hiring a wedding planner means delegating the most time-consuming taks to a professional so in the end preparing your wedding is a happy, hassle-free adventure and not a source of stress that takes away valuable daily time, especially when planning to celebrate away from your hometown.

From collecting your wishes to bringing them to life, from selecting the right vendors to coordinating them on your special day, from planning your wedding announcement to the departure on your honeymoon.


My role is to listen, guide and deliver. To solve issues whitout you knowing there was one. To be your trusted partner along this adventure. I will take care of all details of designing, planning and coordinating your wedding.

My extensive experience in the travel industry and my  network of trusted vendors is what you need for a successful, memorable destination wedding.  

I do so you can say ''I do''!

You prefer to plan your wedding by yourselves but don’t know where to start?

It is common that couples want to be fully in control of their wedding preparation, or sometimes involved friends and families. But how much to spend? On what? What are the priorities? What is the idal timeline?

These are answers an experienced wedding planner can bring you. Give you the guidelines to follow and tips to not forget. 

Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes long and include support material (and some constructive homework!).

You can book them individually to get you started or when you feel stuck in the process, or as a package so I can follow your progress along the way.

We can focus on specific areas such as defining a style, setting a budget or managing your timeline from Day 1 to D Day.

I coach, You play!

Flower Outline
''Just the two of us''
Elopement and small weddings

Traditionally, by the book, to elope means to get married without telling anyone, especially the parents and families.


Today though, it has become a very appealing alternative for couples who want intimacy away from spotlights on their special day, a destination away from home dear to their heart, highly curated pictures or just a smaller budget to focus on quality and not quantity.

The current pandemic has changed the way we plan and experience weddings and we embrace this new way with positivity! So sit back and enjoy the moment, I am ready to design your dream elopement.

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