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The idea of Moments goes back to 2007, when I decided that one day I would become a wedding planner. With a background in hospitality and travel, and experience in operations, event management, sales and marketing, it took me the right amount of time to maturing the idea and collecting the necessary skills and knowledge to be your perfect wedding & event planner and designer.


I am half French and half Greek, my country at heart is Italy and my country of adoption is Switzerland. I have lived in several countries and speak seven languages. Passionate about travels and other cultures, my goal is to set your wedding or event wherever it will make you the happiest, may that be a Swiss mountain or an exotic beach. 


The pretty things and moments in life are my inspiration but your story is my energy. I believe in transparent communication, positive attitude, attention to detail and lots of smiling to make your dream day come true.

Why hire a planner?

The responsibilities of a wedding planner are often associated to the romantic pictures of visiting venues, choosing wedding gowns and arranging flowers. It so much more (and mostly not true)!

It starts with understanding your wishes, ideas or restrictions and turning them into a unique design that will perfectly represent your couple on your wedding day. At the same time, I will select the right vendors to respect the style of your wedding but also your budget.

Preparing the details of your decoration, giving you advice about your wedding website or your seating plan, plan your honeymoon, in other words just be with you at every step of the planning until the celebration of your wedding day. 

Flower Outline
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